Uma Thurman Talks ‘Bel Ami’ & Robert Pattinson in the Latest Harper’s Bazaar UK

Uma Thurman opens up about Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar which hits newsstands on Thursday 5th January.  Here’s a little sneak peak:

He may be the co-star in her latest movie but that didn’t stop Uma Thurman from being upfront about Robert Pattinson.

The 41-year-old actress was obviously expecting a question about the Twilight star when she appeared in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine – and she was certainly ready to answer it.

‘To answer the ubiquitous question about this movie, yes, Robert is good-looking in person, but he doesn’t have that diamond-sparkle skin like in those Dracula movies,’ she said.

The mother-of-two was of course referring to upcoming film Bel Ami in which she plays Pattinson’s secret love interest.

As she draped herself across a velvet sofa in an array of designer dresses, Thurman went on to say that she enjoyed the role very much.

‘It was a fun character, a nice, meaty, dramatic role, and who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a corset?’ she told the monthly publication.

But before she could change the subject, she had one more thing to say about Pattinson: ‘He’s a very disciplined, very serious, very ambitious, very organised actor.’
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Belgium Fans Sound Off on ‘Bel Ami’: Her Neck, Her Back, Her Hoohah and His Crack

Thankfully not in Bel Ami. #ItGetsBetter

Belgium fans kicked off the new year with in a most sexy way – at Robert Pattinson’s first R rated movie, ‘Bel Ami.” It’s no spoiler to say that the movie is full of sex. DUH! We’ve relished in the Twitter feedback today – here are a few gems:

  • @iHeartBadasStew: Movie done. Me happy! Me am gonna scream of happiness! And i don’t wanna spoil but BEL AMI IS AMAZING! If you think JacobRob or TylerRob, you’ll faint seeing GeorgeRob!
  • @JeSuisLinnie: The film has ended! It was good and Robert was Yummie. it was good and so worth the wait. A lot of sexy Rob
  • @Aeval_: The movie ended… hnnng Rob wasn’t lying when he said his buttcrack was in this movie
  • @alison4828: HOLY FUCKBALLS!!!!!!!
  • @tinkrbe1l3: BUTTCRACKROB IS MY LIFE NOW!!!
  • @Aeval_: full ass actually LOL
  • @debb24601: #fullassismylifenow
  • @letter2twilight: good god our timeline is SO over the top right now re: the asscrack/buttwhatever why doesnt everyone just rub 1 out together right now? LOLZ
  • @mama_cougar that nekkid ass will be the glory to end all glories Would it be inappropriate if I Tebow just prior 2 the film?
  • @CalliopeBlabs: i’m probably the only one sitting here, wondering if rob had to shave his ass…. bc that man is grizzly.

We are laughing so hard! Please let this serve as our SPOILER POST and kindly share your feedback in our comments sextion!! Can’t wait to read them!

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New ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer Brings Zombie Bloggers Back to Life!

Well, hello there! We’ve neglected you! We realize that and we’re sorry! Well, at least I am, I can’t speak for the rest of The Fourgy. I was extremely excited when I woke up and logged on (who says logged on anymore? I’m so out of touch with bloggin-reality!) and saw the brand SPANKIN’ (drinking word!) new Bel Ami trailer. Without futher aDuroy, here you go!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Photos: New ‘Bel Ami’ Official Photos – Georges Duroy Gets It On

Russian entertainment site SPLETNIK.RU is reporting that Bel Ami will be released in Russia in February 2012.

Georges Duroy and Madeleine Forestier

Georges Duroy and Suzanne Rousset

Georges Duroy and Clotilde de Marelle

Georges Duroy and Declan Donnellan, Director

And last but certainly not least, the official still that looks ODDLY FAMILIAR, oddly similar to the photo manipulation included in our post way back in February 2010! You be the judge!

Official still:

Georges Duroy and Virginie Rousset

The photo manipulation:

Photo Manipulation to Simulate Georges and the Prostitute

Who cares, they’re both HOT!

Here is the Google translation of the article – note some words may not translate well:

Robert Pattinson  looks equally good as in the image of the modern vampire, and in the way of the XIX century dandy. You can verify this by looking at the new footage from the film “Bel Ami.” It is not hard to guess what the picture – the screen of the novel by French classic Guy de Maupassant. The main character Georges Duroy (Pattinson) – typical minion of fortune. And women. In spite of his peasant background, George achieves inconceivable heights of career and enviable status in society. And all because he did not scruple to use his looks and his adoring women. However, if at first he does not act with malicious intent, it soon becomes a complete scoundrel. Pattinson has repeatedly recognized that the novel “Bel Ami” – one of his favorite works, so the image of a charming but ill-suited hero actor carefully. We think it was easy, because the company made ​​Pattinson experienced actress Uma Thurman , Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci . We look forward to the movie was released (it will be in February 2012), and, be honest – even more than new part of the “Twilight” saga. In the end, in the good guy we know Rob for so many years, but its villain has never seen.

Thanks to Robsessed for the heads up!

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The Official ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer Has Officially Arrived!! You’ll Officially Die!

No words required!

Thanks Robsessed!

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