Robert Pattinson’s American Idol Connection

Many of you may not know this, but the company that is producing “Bel Ami” is lead by none other than Simon Fuller, the brains behind American Idol. Just today it was announced that Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment, the noted producer of “Bel Ami” on IMDb, has started a new venture called XIX. Through XIX, Fuller will be an executive producer of “Bel Ami.” XIX will soon be recognized as a mayjah competitor to global entertainment companies. We expect Rob will help put XIX on the map much as he helped put Summit Entertainment on the map.

What gets us most excited about Rob’s collaboration with 19 Entertainment and its sister company is Fuller’s music background and his management of the Idol winners and pop acts like Spice Girls, which Fuller created. If there is anyone that sees the potential marketability of Rob’s music it’s Fuller. You see where we are going with this?

Could we expect to see Rob promoting Bel Ami during the American Idol finals in May? Fingers crossed!

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