Robert Pattinson says he’ll have to gain weight for Bel Ami

In October 2009, the New Zealand Herald published an interview with Robert Pattinson in which he spoke candidly about his upcoming roles including his role as Georges Duroy in Bel Ami.

“…I’m doing Bel Ami, based on the Guy de Maupassant novel in January as well, and I don’t really know how I’m going to fit that in. I have to gain weight – but I don’t think they’ll let me put on much as I have to shoot the final Twilight movie afterwards. I have to look older, as the character Georges Duroy has been living hard for a good six years just getting drunk all the time. So I want to look a bit haggard.”

Rob emerged from Bel Ami pre-production today in London to participate in the Hope for Haiti telethon and appears to have maybe started gaining some weight…hot pockets and Heineken anyone??!  Another requirement for Bel Ami is facial hair (think mustache), and the boy can rock a beard! He looks so great!

Looks like the weight is coming on but he looks far from haggard. He looks well rested and that's a good thing ❤

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9 Responses to Robert Pattinson says he’ll have to gain weight for Bel Ami

  1. Sue says:

    he looks so much better
    I am so happy
    odd for a grown woman to get all freakin giddy over a pic of a beard and boy who put on some weight

    I do not care I am here doing my happy chipmunk dance over it

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  3. twilightie says:

    i agree i think he looks so much better in the pics, yes he looks a lil fuller but he looks well rested, poor guy deserved a break from all the crazyness i love him cant wait to see him in Remember Me & Eclipse and see all the new updates about Bel Ami 🙂

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  7. When I hear people bitching about Rob’s beard/appearance, I just wish they would read the quote in your post. Remember before Twilight started filming and Rob went on location a month early to try and get in Edward’s head? It’s called method acting, people. He’s getting in to character. Not to mention the fact that he probably has to shave three times a day to play Edward. Why wouldn’t he want a break from that? Let’s face it, the boy can rock any look. I can’t wait to see the look he rocks the ladies in for this movie. Just sayin’.

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