Bel Ami Foreplay – Script Secret #1


Bel Ami Foreplay is just that, foreplay. Hurray for foreplay! We’ll take juicy bits from the script and share with you, our dear reader, she that has never opened a Christmas present she didn’t already know what was inside the wrapping paper! We’ll aim to get you all hot and bothered in anticipation of seeing Robert Pattinson aka ShagBert take it all off! Without further a-dood, here’s the first INSTALLment of Script Secrets!

Let’s visualize this for a moment….our 4-way after the jump!

Oh.hell.yes. Naked Rob for the win!

Our 4way reaction to the foreplay:

TBY789: I can’t get past the sweltering and naked part. It’s a beautifully descriptive and surreal scene.

MPWM: I looked away twice when I saw the word roach.  But I finally got to the naked part and was hooked. Then I put my finger over the word “roach” and imagined that he was flipping a cock instead (similar to flipping a bean perhaps?).

JAG: On the plus side: I pretty much die at the sweaty nekkid part and the thought of seeing his back draped across the bed but then…  On the bad side:  I think about him “exploding into action” No man looks good running naked…things flop and fly and slap around.

MRP: JAG, I’m pretty sure this was not the visual KSTEW was going for when she nicknamed Rob “Flippy.”

MPWM: Ew. You’re right JAG – there’s good naked and bad naked. And bad naked would involve killing a roach. In fact, bad naked is anytime there’s anything flopping in the breeze on a man’s body.

TBY789: There is only one kind of naked “exploding into action” I’m interested in and it does not involve smashing cockroaches.

So ladies, and uh, ladies, what do YOU think about le opening scene?! Share!


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Jen is from LA, that's Lower Alabama. Jen now lives in Las Vegas, by way of San Francisco.
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43 Responses to Bel Ami Foreplay – Script Secret #1

  1. 17forverlisa says:

    @MPWM – flipping a cock…Love it!

    I read dirty sheets and cockroach and remembered Rob talking about how he was going to have to look haggard, etc., for this role? And remember when he went holed up early for Twilight to get into character? I think the look he sported for the Haiti telethon is him getting into character, too. What do you think? Either way, I want to see Rob’s nekked ass any day and all day 😉

    • WastingTheMorning says:

      Hi 17ForeverLisa! Thanks so much for the shoutout BTW.

      I definitely think he’s getting into character right now. We’ll have a related post about his BA “image” this week.

      Let’s hope they’re too cheap for a body double! If we see male butt, I want it to be genuinely Rob’s!

      • 17forverlisa says:

        You’re welcome! I love the site and hope all of my follwers and Rob’s fans find it. SO excited about this film and you gals are providing the fix I need.

        When Rob did the Ellen interview, she asked him if he would consider nudity for a role and he said yes. I definitely think we’re going to get a piece of Rob’s ass in this movie (she said that).

        Can’t wait for the Beardbert post!


  2. SweetVenom69 says:

    Yes, the roach kinda put a damper on the sexiness of the scene, but the pic you have up there… OMG. Roach? What roach? Working. Can’t. Concentrate.

  3. Whynot says:

    RAWR. Luckily, we won’t see the flapping bits, unless they’re going for an NC-17. R-you can see them dangle, but not move. Bits are good; flapping is not. Is it too much to hope for Beardbert here? Or anywhere? *wanders off, thinking of GOOD moving bits on Beardbert…*

    • WastingTheMorning says:

      You’re probably right. Moving bits = porno or Cinemax/Skinemax. But I’m almost 100% sure they won’t be making this one PG-13. Step aside tweeners! Better start looking for the fake ids now!

  4. KittTatt says:

    Unf! Maybe the ‘exploding into action’ is just him flinging the bug to the floor & killing it. No need to move too much from the bed… where he’s all comfy, lying there… sweaty… naked…
    Wait – this is the OPENING scene?! It STARTS with him naked?
    *whimpers* I will not live through this movie, but what a way to go….

  5. skuck669 says:

    I would have to agree with everyone! That visual just isn’t working for me, well the cockroach smashing, but the nekkid rob part is a win!

  6. deb says:

    Shagbert! I love it! I have read this script and I canNOT wait for this movie. I’m all for some fine nekid Rob ass. My hope is that it’s a very long opening scene, showing his ass – perhaps while the opening credits scroll (like we’re really gonna watch that shit with some Shagbert ass on the screen).

    I’d also like to add, if I may be so bold, that I think Rob owes us an ass shot. We’ve been good fans. Woo! Bel-Amibert – I’m so ready!

  7. Robrator says:

    LOVE it bb’s!

    Plz don’t tell me I’m the only one who literally said ‘oh fk’ at seeing this …..#dirtysmutth00risme……

  8. ValerieeeeFuckup says:

    om nom nom D:< i cant wait to see the movie.<3

  9. Lynda from Philly says:

    Ladies, I think that Rob WILL actually give us some ass in this film. God I really hope so, but I have a very strong feeling that we WILL get to see the very sexy Pattinson bum this time. Can you imagine the box office numbers for the opening weekend of BelAmi if we know ahead of time that he’ll be naked in it? Phew, is it getting hot in here?? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one, right?????

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  11. samrosey says:

    *exhales* i see the camera panning up that ass and well.. glistening! Cum on!
    cockroach, something so grosse and ahh thoughts of Shagbert? draped, yes, draped on the bed, so gimme cockroach if i get naked Rob visuals 😉

    ps. Love this new site! Super-duper-like-a-kid-at-christmas excited for this film!!

  12. Carolina says:

    you guys are going to kill me! Hysterical! All I can say is: I soooo cannot wait for this movie, it’s not even funny! The script is fire! And just entertaining the thoughts of all those scenes with Rob is just tooo much! DED!

  13. beesue says:

    Luv Ur New Site! If this movie begins with a naked scene…..just…..DIED!!!

  14. WayyFarerr says:

    Ohh eff! This movie needs to come out now! Glory hallelujah no fade to black! no tweenies!

    This scene sounds delish. grungy dirty hot naked. fuckhot. Id like to think that he won’t run around the room in the buff– maybe he i’ll maneuver on the bed and reach his boot and what not.. I hope :/ Oh well

  15. ACarolini says:

    OMG !!!

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  17. robsexme says:

    Hark the Pattinangelz sing “we’re gonna see Rob’s ass in Bel Ami” Hallelujah! Thank Rob!! My eyes will be completely transfixed on Rob’s ass I doubt I’ll even notice the cockroach but I know I’ll be looking long & hard (thatswhatshesaid) for Rob’s cock…*blackingout*

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  19. Pluck1117 says:

    Ooooohh!!*hugs self and squeals* I cannot wait. I’d be happy to hold on to his “member” so it doesn’t flap around.

  20. Just stopping by to leave you ladies some love. Especially for MP. MUCH LOVE

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  22. whiteflower723 says:

    Found another site dedicated to Rob!!

    Consider me family, I’ll come around everyday to get my daily dose of Rob.

    Have a nice day ladies!

  23. robsessedtothecore says:

    OMG:) Love you h00rs, you are one dedicated bunch:)I thank you for fueling all my fantasies:) I also need my daily dose of ROB:)I must say that I HATE roaches , but nothing will stop me from enjoying this movie, i practically can mentally block anything around Rob , so no problem:) LOL

  24. nani says:

    ohhhhh las cucarachas, el bicho que más asco me da pero si está Robert ni las veré, solo tengo ojos para el xD. Por favor que ganas de ver la película uffff

  25. sandi says:

    OH F–K I can’t wait. Rob on the bed NAKED!!!O SHIT.I am going to be one happy little cougar as I sit and watch this over and over again.

  26. Debbie says:

    When I read Sandi’s comment about “Rob on the bed NAKED. O SHIT. I am going to be one happy little cougar as I sit and watch this over and over again,” I have to confess, the first word out of my mouth was “DITTO”!!!! hehehe CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE . . . and “Unbound Captives” . . . and “BREAKING DAWN”! 🙂

  27. gyla says:


  28. passionsons flower says:

    All hale the glory that is passionsons’ royal ass!!! Long may it rain!!!! Butt frankly the bugs have got to go. I was freaked out enough with the bugs in passionsons’bed in the haunted airman. But thank god he was bare chested in that scene it was the only thing that kept me from a frightful death! Now again with the bugs! Give us a break rob once was enough. Well if there has to be bugs in the scene at least robs’smokin hot butt will save me once hero.

  29. passionsons flower says:

    All hale the glory that is rob passionsons’ royal ass!!! Long may his tight buns rain!!!!

  30. bizzimomma says:

    Oh, stop being babies about the stupid cockroach! It’s *supposed* to gross you out! They’re setting you up for the contrast between Georges’ current crappy life and the lavish life he aspires and sleeps his way up to! Of course, the fact that in his current, crappy life he is hot and naked doesn’t hurt!

  31. Jane Apple says:

    I’m loving this site, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to read more and more.

  32. Becca says:

    Now ladies, I don’t think it is right for you to objectify Rob like this. After all, that is MY job.

    If this movie opens with a truly naked Rob, I’ll never make it to the closing credits… *collapses with a squee*

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