Ben Parker Added to Bel Ami as Musical Tutor to the Stars EXCLUSIVE

Ben Parker, a London-based musician, has been tapped to tutor the cast of Bel Ami with singing and music lessons.

Ben confirmed his appointment with and we are excited to share this news with you and also to make you aware of Ben’s music. Not only is he a solo musician, but Ben has recently founded a new band, Braxton Hix. Funny name for an affliction that is NOT FUN AT ALL. haha We kid, we kid.

“I’ve more recently been involved in the John Lennon biopic ‘Nowhere Boy’ and am currently in discussion about a number of other film projects both on a tuition and compositional level,” says Ben Parker.

Ben has promised to keep us updated on his experience working with stars like Uma ThurmanChristina Ricci and Kristin Scott-Thomas for us to share with you at a later date.  For now he has only been given a small brief in what is the pre-production stage of making the Bel Ami movie.

Filming of Bel Ami is set to begin February 15. We will keep you posted!

In the mean time, let’s show Ben a warm welcome to the community! Check out Ben’s music online at: and

If you’d like to follow Ben’s day-to-day experiences via Twitter you can find him here:

And did we mention that he’s hot? He’s like Bel Ami’s tasty side dish to the RPattz entrée. Go see for yourself!!


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18 Responses to Ben Parker Added to Bel Ami as Musical Tutor to the Stars

  1. Whynot says:

    I’m confused – why singing/music lessons?

    • WastingTheMorning says:

      Some of the female characters are described playing music in the script. I’m sure they’d like to make it as realistic as possible.

  2. Just a Girl says:

    In the script, I can recall one specific parlor scene where the character of Suzanne is playing piano and singing with what is described as a thin voice.

    There are some rumblings about, as to why a music tutor is required for Bel Ami and this is one of the reasons. Keep in mind the script floating around may also have been changed.

    Also keep in mind that Ben is in the very very early stages of Pre-production and is still in the process of determining his role.

    • Whynot says:

      Musical?! LOL! Makes sense, I sort of guess. I read the script a while ago, and I only remembered that one instance of singing – and it’s SUPPOSED to be bad/weak.

      Thanks for the answer!

  3. robskitten says:

    according to the novella, one of the characters works at the Folies Bergere; maybe he’s been recruited to work with that scene?

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  5. When I first pulled up the post, I thought he looked a little like David Beckham. Then I read the post and thought, please for the love of God figure out a way to have Rob singing in the movie. I know, I know. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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