Another Bel Ami Casting Rumor

Once again the internets are a buzz with more casting rumors and is trying to get the details.

Actor James Lance is rumored to have been cast in the role of Laroche.  In Bel Ami, Laroche is a politician with close ties to Uma Thurman’s character, Madeleine & he is bit of a nemesis to Robert Pattinson’s character of Georges. He is described as a “smooth, sleek sort of man”.

Please note that James Lance and our other casting rumor, Holliday Grainger, both have the same agency, Troika. Keep in mind, that this is a RUMOR and has not yet been substantiated by any industry sources.  We will keep you posted when we find out more!

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4 Responses to Another Bel Ami Casting Rumor

  1. MONIQUE says:

    and when you gain weight for this film,then you have it for breaking dawn well.well you will have to work out,gain the weight that way,to young to have a big stomach,best way and easiest way to gain weight is to stop smoking

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  3. Maguilita says:

    Please make this one true… I mean, PLEASE!!!!!

    I love this book so F much… It’s so intense, raw, like you are trying to “recover” from a scene and the next one is much more eye-opening…
    and I’m getting even more excited with the casting they’re making!

    Please make James be Laroche… 😛

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