Bel Ami Extra Blogs About His Fitting

Bel Ami extra and blogger extraordinaire, Lee Binding, wrote about his experience at a recent Bel Ami costume fitting on his site Glitter For Brains.

Maybe something a little like this Lee?

He describes the costumes and the scene he will be involved in with great detail.

After two hours, we’d settled on a look: dark tweed trousers, braces, waistcoat, Gladstone collar, grey/yellow cravat, and top hat. It is, frankly awesome. A very beautiful costume. I think I would like to go shopping in it. And I was told that I would be attending the gavotte scene. Well fancy! And as I’m feeling educational (it was the Gladstone collar), I’ll tell you a gavotte is a mid-tempo French folk dance – which I hope I’ll just be watching as my coat is very tight. Worryingly so. I think I’m going to be ram-rod straight in my chair. Otherwise I’m going to be fluttering my fan on the sideline, standing up, my button will pop off and hit Robert Pattinson in the ear, and my trousers will fall down just as the French vicar walks in. All very ‘Carry On’, not really Period Drama.

To read about the rest of his experience on his blog, click here.


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Known around the internet as "MP". Not a very good fangirl but devoted nonetheless. Loved the underlying message in Water for Elephants that was anti-cruelty. Would love to hear Sara Gruen's thoughts one day over coffee.
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2 Responses to Bel Ami Extra Blogs About His Fitting

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  2. Natalia says:

    Thanks for the link, it was interesting to read, I didn’t know the whole process was so complicated and that you even get paid for it. I would accept to be en extra for free!!!

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