So who did Robert Pattinson Congratulate at the BAFTA’s?

Robert Pattinson did a bang up job presenting an award for Original Screenplay at the BAFTA’s today but are you curious about who he congratulated before he got on with the task at hand. We were too.

Rob, being the sweetheart that he is, took the time to congratulate Jenny Shircore on her BAFTA win for MAKE UP & HAIR: THE YOUNG VICTORIA. Why would he go out of his way to thank her, well because she is currently working with Rob on Bel Ami.

If she’s responsible for his hair, then imma thank and congratulate her too because Rob looks very very hot in Bel Ami.

Robert Pattinson at the BAFTAs

For more on Jenny Shircore check out her imdb page.

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11 Responses to So who did Robert Pattinson Congratulate at the BAFTA’s?

  1. holdmeransom says:

    what a cute boy.. so giggly… and if she is.. just think… she gets to run her fingers thru that hair alot!

    oh Jen… you lucky girl you….

  2. BiteThatLipRob says:

    I, a tomboy who can count the number of times she’s put make up on, may or may not be contemplating a career as a make up artist if it means getting to touch THOSE lips and running my hands through THAT hair!

    He was so sweet though 🙂

  3. robsexme says:

    He is so adorkably shy & cute when he congratulates her. I just want to ((hug))him!
    She probably will too! Green with envy here.
    Jen is one lucky lady!:D

  4. Puppetta90 says:

    I LOVE HIS LOOK!!! is wonderful!!!
    Ohhh my Georges!!! he’s so beautiful!!!

  5. samrosey says:

    I am Jonesing for BelAmiRob.. The Bel Ami hair is HOT 😉 He looked yummy! And so cute each time the camera went to him in the audience too.

  6. robsessedtothecore says:

    He looks so good, or maybe it’s just good to see him again, he’s got the warmest smile:) I’m so jealous of anyone who would get that close to him on a daily basis. To get the chance to play with his hair , and to caress every feature of his face, that woman has the best job on the planet. *sigh*

  7. ihopatz says:

    That was just priceless, adorkable Rob! So ready for Bel Ami!!!

  8. aeren says:

    its a cute man, very good, last night like a god

  9. Natalia says:

    Rob is the sweetest guy ever and God, being the make up artist was always my dream, since I was 6 years old, I know why now :). Rob is gorgeous and he is going to rock in Remember Me and especially in Bel Ami.

  10. Midori says:

    The gentlemen he is, Rob had to make a comment on Jenny since she is doing Bel Ami. Rob is his charming and personable self.

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