NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson talks Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson talks about his newest film project Bel Ami. “a looooooooooooot of sex”!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

or YouTube Version
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10 Responses to NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson talks Bel Ami

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  2. RoseArcadia says:

    Holy Shit, I love when that boy says the word sex!!!!

  3. SweetVenom69 says:

    OMG… it’s like he’s seductively whispering it into my ear. Purrrrrr!! So friggin’ hawt!!

  4. OutOfMyElement says:

    The boy is looking good!

  5. PNWLuna says:

    Rob seems much more confident and relaxed these days. Not quite so nervous, much more prepared to answer the questions intelligently. This is preferable to being awkward, shy, and bumbling around a reply.

  6. chico's mama says:


  7. robsexme says:

    Mercenary?! Rob please take NO MERCY on us; just give “it” to us good!! 😉

  8. samrosey says:

    “It’s about a guy..” I want him to finish the sentance ahh!
    Love these snippets. Cute and so glad the interviewer asked bout Bel Ami.

    So many cute little quotes too.. The Remember Me sex scenes being “..tender” anyone? *sigh* 🙂

  9. Natalia says:

    OMG, lots of sex in BA, I couldn’t ask for more. Rob is so cute in this interview, love his BA hair, I’m sure I will need CPR after seeing this movie…

  10. spunksouth says:

    It’s interviews like this that make me absolutely adore him.

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