Compare and Contrast: Rob talks love in Bel Ami – or lack thereof…

In an interview with ITN at the Remember Me premiere last night, Robert Pattinson discussed the difference in love and lust on the sets of Bel Ami vs. Remember Me (around the 1:30 mark).


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Known around the internet as "MP". Not a very good fangirl but devoted nonetheless. Loved the underlying message in Water for Elephants that was anti-cruelty. Would love to hear Sara Gruen's thoughts one day over coffee.
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3 Responses to Compare and Contrast: Rob talks love in Bel Ami – or lack thereof…

  1. robskitty says:

    it’s not too surprising that there are differences. in the 1800’s marriages were for money, convenience, entry into higher levels of society, or to rectify an out-of-wedlock(illegitimate) child. Many marriages among the more elite and even of the middle classes were arranged. Love was never a part of the marriage equation. One found their love outside of marriage and affairs, unless discovered, were commonplace. If discovered, there was not much a Catholic (France was a Catholic country until very recently) could do. Church divorces were difficult if not impossible to obtain-consider Henry VIII–and resulted in major discipline.

  2. robskitty says:

    (cont.) Therefore marriage was not the rosy ideal it is today. Consider Jane Eyre, Emma, or any number of the old books where women were put away for any number of reasons. Divorce was virtually unattainable, affairs with pied-a-terres and paid mistresses were common, and remarriage only occurred with the death of a spouse.

  3. robskitty says:

    (cont.)Marriage was a weapon.

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