Christina Ricci Talks Corsets

WWD Fashion talked to Christina Ricci as she took a break from filming Bel Ami to attend a Miu Miu fashion show on Wednesday.

Liberated to be wearing modern day clothes

Here’s what they had to say:

Actress Christina Ricci, filming “Bel Ami” in London opposite Robert Pattinson, liberated herself from the restrictive 18th-century costumes to take in the Miu Miu show on Wednesday night as Paris Fashion Week came to a close. “It’s a lot of corsets,” she said of the film attire. Not that she’s complaining. “I like wearing them quite a bit,” she chirped.

Those corsets must be really darn uncomfortable.  Any time the female cast of Bel Ami is interviewed, they mention the corsets!



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5 Responses to Christina Ricci Talks Corsets

  1. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    LOL they all mention the corsets….well at least we know they’ll look good on camera…quite alluring…why cant they release this movie this year!

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  3. MAIARA says:

    yeah but corsets are so sexy, they bring back that curved body that a woman had in the past.
    i wanna know if Rob get excited with bodies like that…
    Gosh i cant think a lot about it !! dirt thoughts run into my mind.
    I wanna know what the girls of the movie are thinking about the sex scenes aah I wanna Bel Ami now!

  4. Natalia says:

    I wonder if I survive the promotional interviews and trailers, I’m not even talking about the movie itself. I bet they will tell all juicy details one day :).

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