Bel Ami to film in Budapest, Hungary

Twitter is abuzz today after reports surfaced that Robert Pattinson was spotted early Saturday in at Budapest’s Ferihegy Airport. Robert was photographed with fans wearing the same clothes that he was photographed wearing last night in London. Confusion followed, “how could Rob be in Budapest when he was just in London last night?” It should be known that Budapest is a short 2 hour and 20 minute flight from London.

According to Hungarian-based Robert Pattinson fan site, the photo of Rob with two lucky fans at the airport lead to a conversation with Rob of tourist sites to be seen and Rob reportedly asked directions to the centre (downtown Budapest.) The fans also reported that Rob was carrying his guitar case. Perhaps the charming city of Budapest will inspire some new Robert Pattinson ditties?

In the hours to follow, it was reported that Rob was spotted a bar downtown. Other fans reported seeing props erected along a “busy street” and rumors have begun circulating that Bel Ami will be filming with the props and backgrounds tomorrow. It is rumored that shots will also include a church. Photos of the props and backgrounds:

Stage Coach Prop Reportedly for Bel Ami Filming

The photos include a background of a window dressing decorated in elaborate corsets, much like you would expect to find in a 1890s-era La Perla store window.

1890s Era Lingerie Window Display

Street seemingly set up for filming to take place

Street will be covered in sand to reflect road conditions in the 1890s – here is a photo pre-transformation:

Street in Budapest

Due to the 8 hour time difference from PST in the USA to CET in Budapest, delays in reports are imminent. We will keep you posted with news and updates as reports come in!

Many thanks to for supplying us with great local information from Budapest!

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26 Responses to Bel Ami to film in Budapest, Hungary

  1. Jamie says:

    Is it bad the only word that I got out of that was erect? *snicker* Anyways thanks for clearing all that up.

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  3. samrosey says:

    Oo it’s all very exciting! All the locations, interior and exterior have all looked amazing so far 🙂

    Thanks again ladies for bringing us the deets! x

  4. Natalia says:

    God, how could I miss it???? I want to go to Budapest like now and I have that possibility but I wonder if I should, crazy, hein?

    • me says:

      Just a bit crazy but if you don’t do crazy things from time to time, life would be so much boring. So gooo!

      • Natalia says:

        Thanks a lot for your comment and for support!

      • me says:

        Hey Natalia.
        I was wandering wether you were French (because of the “hein”).

      • Natalia says:

        I’m not French but I speak French most often, with my family. I’m going to Budapest!!!! It’ decided. Me, do you live in Budapest?

      • me says:

        Good decision to go. No I don’t leave in BUdapest, I’m from France but I’m thinking of a city break to… guess where…Budapest.

      • Natalia says:

        Come on, do it next week so that we could meet and chat in French à propos de Bel Ami 🙂

    • me says:

      I’d love to Natalia, now I just have to convince a friend that Budapest is a great place to visit immediatly, since nobody cares about visiting… ahem… Rob.

      • Natalia says:

        I know the feeling.. I hope you can do it, we could meet and visit Rob together 🙂

      • me says:

        Oh, I hope so. I can’t understand even people who actually are crazy about him, they’re still wining about how he’s so close but wouldn’t bother to go.
        On the other hand, I read he’s there with TomStu so I don’t know if you just want to seem him and take a pic or want more to meet him not exactely in a fan context, but if I were you I’d do some pub crawling, you never know who you might run into.
        Also I haven’t read the script, did they include enough outdoor scenes to saty there until 20th of April? That seems a lot, and their work days seem to be pretty long, so…

      • Natalia says:

        They have pretty many scenes in the script but a lot at night. I’m going this weekend and who knows, I cross the fingers even if apparently autographs and pictures with Rob are not allowed during the whole filming period.

  5. delennv says:

    Damn…my aunt is there now…visiting her rental home…I should have gone with her…

  6. Natalia says:

    Guys, will they be there next week you think? I mean, won’t they go home for Easter holidays?

    God, I so want to go to just see it at least from afar. I’m not a stalker but it’s a lifetime opportunity to see Rob in real life for me.

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  8. JV says:

    Hello I’m from Russia. Also going to Budapest next week. Let’s meet … one in a terrible (

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