Robert Pattinson in Budapest already?

Word is that Robert Pattinson has arrived in Budapest for the second leg of filming Bel Ami. They will be shooting exterior shots through April 20 when filming is scheduled to end. Please send us any photos!

Update! Reader Carmmi sent us a link to this photo (originally from of Rob posing for a picture with 2 fans in Budapest. He’s there folks!

Robert Pattinson poses with two fans in Budapest


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40 Responses to Robert Pattinson in Budapest already?

  1. moonC says:

    Last night party with Brit pack and today Welcome Budapest 😀 What a rollercoaster…

  2. C says:

    He was seen at the Lyrics Lounge last night in London, you can see pics at this website
    so i don’t think he’s in budapest already unless he left early this morning. but he must be soo tired if it’s the case.

  3. Anne says:

    I’m confused, he was just spotted in London last night 03/26/2010 with the BritPack. I suppose he could have flown over today???

  4. C says:

    he was seen last night at the Lyrics Lounge last night in London with his friend Tom. So I dont think so, unless he left early in the morning but if it’s the case he must be soo tired.

  5. Bee says:

    IM GOING THERE! I hope 😀 Im from Slovakia and thats just right next to Hungary and Budapest is like 250 km from where I live… but first I need to find filming locations… me and my friend want to give Rob a scrapbook and BDay present 😀 😛 😀

  6. nani says:

    siii queremos fotos por favor, gracias por la informacion.

  7. Carmmi says:

    Rob has arriver today, and some people have seen him at the airport and int the city. They will filming at a church.

  8. CandUs says:

    No! I live in Budapest and I want go to the airport that I welcome he! aaaaaa

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  10. Carmmi says:

    I don’t know if it’s true</by but somebody have seen him at a pub…

  11. Leia says:

    Hello!! TZhis is a picture, 2 hungary girl, from Ferihegy (AIRport…)!! Rob was here (im hungaryan girl too:))
    They are veryvery lucky girl!!

  12. Carmmi says:

    could you link the source too?! The picture is from this site…

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  17. ok says:

    How can he be in Budapest when he was just with Marcus, Tom and Shannon Woodward last night? whatever

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  19. sara says:

    What a great picture! Lucky girls….very cool. Can’t wait for this movie!

  20. Carmmi says:

    The cast will filming yesterday from 6 a.m. The whole street is blocked by the police. You can find the newest pix from today at the source… the hungarian fan are planing to visit the set yesterday

  21. Carmmi says:

    ohh sorry not yesterday… tomorrow :D:D:D

  22. Heki says:


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  24. Nikushka says:

    OMG!!! I am going to Budapest with my friend 🙂 So we hope that we will see him 🙂 It´s so great! Is anyone else going there? And if so, when are you going? 🙂

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  27. just me says:

    couldn’t help myself.. i love creativeness.. *Say It* LOL

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  29. vampiritza86 says:

    Cause I want to see him too 😀 OMG I am so excited 😀

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  32. Maja says:

    hello, do you know how long robert will be in budapest? i’m from croatia and it’a close to me 🙂

  33. tinkica says:

    I’m from croatia to, maja where are you from? I would like to go in Budapest and see Rob :)!!!!!

  34. aslgjaálkgag says:

    mázlisták vagytok lányok 😉
    örülök, h legalább két magyar lánynak van közös képe robbal! és respect, h nem másztatok rá!
    (az a barna cipő ❤ kegyetlen tetszik :D)

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