MORE VIDEO of Robert Pattinson from the Bel Ami set

All new video from filming that took place earlier today in the beautiful city of Budapest. Budapest is standing in for Paris and doing a mighty fine job, very beautiful…oh yea you too Rob! lol

more NEW VIDEOS after the cut

We have more coming in so Check Back!



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14 Responses to MORE VIDEO of Robert Pattinson from the Bel Ami set

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  4. Natalia says:

    I started to suspect that Rob is indeed a vampire, I’ve never seen such a speed before LOL. He is in a great shape.

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  8. Dee says:

    Great pictures and videos! This movie will be amazing. It was so cute to hear the screams and giggles from the people taking the video.

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  10. Sus says:

    Love the one of Rob running! Love his outfit!

  11. Wow! I’ve been gone all day at my son’s college baseball games and come home to Bel Ami Sunday. TOTAL WIN! Loving all of the posts with the videos and the pictures. Thanks, girls . . . again!!!

  12. Ellen says:

    Love to see Rob running — he CAN do a James Bond movie! 🙂

  13. Sue says:

    WOW!! Even in Budapest he has some amazing fans! This movie is gong to be sweet, thanks for the videos!!

  14. katiebird says:

    My man is in my home country!! My great grandmother was from Hungary. I’ve been told that Hungarian women are very beautiful. I am not surprised that his fans are being good to him there. Rob in a period costume. God, just kill me now!!

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