Photo: Robert Pattinson with fans at Dorney Court

As we previously informed you, Bel Ami filmed at Dorney Court near Windsor Castle last Wednesday. Lucky fan fayezyfizz got a rare photo opportunity with Robert Pattinson in his full Bel Ami costume! Lucky girls!

Reader Fayezyfizz with Robert Pattinson


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12 Responses to Photo: Robert Pattinson with fans at Dorney Court

  1. Sanchez says:

    My god is he getting taller by the day lol.

  2. Chel says:

    Oh my the lucky lucky girls-he looks positively delicious in this pic 😉

  3. Anna says:

    He’s sooooo gorgeous! Seems like a prince, OMG!

  4. Natalia says:


  5. rosewowie says:

    What is in his pocket?

  6. beckys76 says:

    He looks Gorgeous

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  8. Ashley says:

    Robert looks increidibly sexy.and tall!

  9. Rob’s Bel Ami tailor = my hero. That is all.

  10. Fayezyfizz says:

    This is me!!! Yaaay 🙂

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