New Photos: Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy



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9 Responses to New Photos: Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

  1. edwardsisobel says:

    Well she is clinging to Rob…..and getting paid to do it…

  2. holdmeRansom says:

    oh my… you ladies haev done such an INCREDIBLE job today with all the ROBami goodness… just when i thought…oh yeah…it’ll be the same pics… you give us THIS! phew….
    i . can’t. wait. til. this. comes. out!
    that is all… *sitting in dark corner..rocking and clicking….rocking and clicking….*

  3. louise says:

    awesome, can’t wait for this to be done and come out, he really does look like hes playing the bastard, how hot, rob being a bastard, gotta love it!!!!!

  4. Elodie says:

    How long Robert stay in Budapest ????

  5. If only I could wake up every morning to stunning new pictures of Rob. *sigh* I am so glad I read the book before you started this blog. I can appreciate your efforts to keep us informed even more. Your title says it all, Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy.

    I finally got the buttons and link backs working on my blog for this site and your Water for Elephants site. Thanks again for all of your hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


  6. Natalia says:

    Oh Rob is soooooooooooo good as a badass, love the bad boy Rob!!!

  7. Dee says:

    I love the attitude in his expression.

  8. brendon says:

    loveing rob in period costume just one thing is it me or in the above pic is rob collar coming off

  9. SOFisticated1 says:

    I don’t know why I love those grey slacks on him… hmmmm…

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