VIDEO and photos: Budapest filming day 2

Bel Ami filming in Budapest – Day 2

See the amazing photos of Robert Pattinson after the jump!



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16 Responses to VIDEO and photos: Budapest filming day 2

  1. aeren says:

    OMR OMR OMR!!!!!!!!

  2. holdmeRansom says:

    everyone realises that NO WORK will get done today, right?
    Just checking…
    Rob in formal evening dress….
    I wonder if I can claim injury for my clickety finger….

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  4. Natalia says:

    That was a low blow….seriously, I was in half coma after seeing the top hat and not THAT GORGEOUSNESS!

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  8. Justine says:


    God he looks so damn good. Thanks so much for posting!

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  11. bibi says:

    He totally takes my breath away! Nobody has ever affected me like this. Thank you, bless you for this site. WOW!

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  15. HappySue says:

    So hot, so pretty, We want him in the USA!!!!
    Love the look of Rob in Budapest. So hot in tails! Did I say tails? Love them…

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