Amazing Video of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Scott Thomas filming scenes!

Amazing Video of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Scott Thomas filming scenes!

She’s a stage 5 clinger!

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15 Responses to Amazing Video of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Scott Thomas filming scenes!

  1. Sus says:

    That was awesome watching that video….can’t wait to hear Rob speak! Wonder if he’ll be using a French accent, or just his own Brit one!

    • rocknmovies says:

      He will use his own English accent. Using a fake French accent would be silly. Think of the movie Dangerous Liaisons, none of the actors used a French accent. Plus, he has had a coach for his accent on set, because he had lost some of his English accent while working in the USA a lot.

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  3. Shae says:

    I can’t wait either and what is it about those clothes that is so hot? well other than the fact that they’re on him lol

  4. Christine says:

    He told earlier that he had to have an english coach to get his english proper after doing american movies. I’m glad he will speak real english and not with a fake french accent, that often sounds so wrong 🙂

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  6. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    SO EXCITING!!! KST is clingy but really who WOULDNT be…i’d long to be a piece of lint in his pocket.

    @Sus he’s using a british accent

  7. Eileen says:

    Rob really looks and walk like an elegant gentleman. Love the top hat and stick… have some fantasies about them!!!! He’s even more hot when he gets mad. Can’t wait until this movie hits the cinema.

  8. renate says:

    Angry Rob is sexy…when he buys Flowers he smiles at the lady..than right back annoyed…tooooo good

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  11. passionsons flower says:

    Georges is so mesmerizing Id be a clinger too! No matter how naughty he is you can’t resist his charms. Meow!!!

  12. Marina says:

    Wow, thanks for posting this, amazing scene, I love how angry he looks, he pushes her away so violently and then he just smiles at the flower shopgirl! He’s the perfect, hypocritical, ruthless Duroy. Beautiful scenes, classy costumes… why, even the sun is smiling on him!!

  13. rpblc30 says:

    ouh my…i’m almost die watchin remember me..n this movie is just gonna kill me..damn!..hahah

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