It’s the WEDDING RING! gah!!

The first wedding ring ever for a Robert Pattinson character!

Let’s look a lil closer shall we?!



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28 Responses to The WEDDING RING!!

  1. Crystal says:

    yeah…i gave that to him LOL

  2. Robbieboy11 says:

    seriously Rob with a wedding band on looks even more sexy !!

  3. holdmeRansom says:… there is something sooo sexy about a handsome man with a wedding ring on….
    i can’t even begin to say what it does…..

  4. patrice says:

    hmm frist for him wait till breaking dawn he will get another one ahhahaha

    • Crystal says:

      WE get to see that ring put on his finger in BD too. That’ll be super hot! Hope they cut Bella out of that shot though LOL

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  6. Chrissy says:

    Im having Breaking Dawn flash-forwards….. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. rosewowie says:

    Why does it make him so much sexier? Do we prefer married Rob over bachelor Rob? Yes for me. But why? Is it the idea that that man could be tamed? 😉 I sooo can’t wait to watch him in Bel Ami. I like that the roles are so diff. Yay Cedric! Yay Edward! Yay Tyler! Yay Georges! Yay Salvador! Yay Art! ::snicker::

    • kristine says:

      yay Jacob too(he’s playing a character named that in the movie Water for Elephants). That man is just HOT.

  8. Big ups to the eagle-eyed person who spotted this. Also, SWOON.

  9. aeren says:

    my ring with Rob!! LOL

  10. Cyndi says:

    Ring or no ring…..YOWZA!

  11. WastingTheMorning says:

    Technically I think he was married towards the end of Little Ashes. But TOTALLY not the same 🙂

  12. passionsons flower says:

    I’m wondering if Rob will be wearing the RING… In real life anytime soon? Anything is possible. All our hearts will be broken.

  13. cassie says:

    i couldnt bare to see this picture lol. i screamed!

  14. chris says:

    SEX on legs….it’s Rob!!!can’t wait for Bel Ami

  15. SOFisticated1 says:

    BLASPHEMY! Lol… that should never happen! it’s suppose to be platinum anyway, yellow gold is disgusting. HE would look good with a white Gold band or platinum one… given by Kristen ;).

  16. Lynda Motl says:

    Hay I agree with you all, Rob’s hands are so beautiful, graceful and romantic then with the gold ring on that long graceful finger with that french cuff and all…. OMG sooo sexy!!

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  18. Jayme says:

    I just don’t get his appeal…

  19. Sus says:

    Oh, gawd….I wish it was mine!!!! Kind of freaks me out to see that on his beautiful hands…..

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  21. It’s ridiculous how sexy I find this picture. It never occurred to me that I would have the kind of reaction that I did seeing him wearing a wedding band. *died*

  22. Sue says:

    I wanted to comment, but you guys said it ALL!!!

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