Bel Ami Video Outside Church

Video of Bel Ami filming outside what appears to be a church with horse drawn carriages.  Could this be the scene I THINK it is???

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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7 Responses to Bel Ami Video Outside Church

  1. Sue says:

    what scene are you referring to???? I vaguely remember he meets someone in the church???

  2. Crystal says:

    I only remember Georges being in a church twice. Once to meet up with Mdme Walter, and once to marry Suzanne.

  3. Izabele says:

    You’re not talking about any orgy are you?! Aw Geesh! Impure thoughts, fly away! lol

  4. mizeka says:

    I was there, it’s not a church, the scene was about him going to a ball 🙂

  5. Carlie says:

    I think that was the prom scene in Walter… I was here, and Robert was soo hot 🙂

  6. orsoleya says:

    It is not the church scene, it is the same shot as the previous one just from different angle. They had last night shooting behind the National Museum.Where he is heading actually a building that belongs to the Hungarian State Radio.

  7. orsoleya says:

    But they will shoot the church scene. We though it would be this weekend but it is easter, so they will probably do it next week some time.

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