Photos: Oh My Georges!

Gorgeous Georges!

Oh My Georges

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8 Responses to Photos: Oh My Georges!

  1. KittTatt says:

    humminah humminah…

  2. Bleriana says:

    I love dominant/arrogant Robroy… and I never found dominant/arrogant sexy… Damn you Rob!! 😀

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  4. Shannon says:

    Formal period clothing does him well, this film is going to kill me dead.

  5. Michelle F. says:

    Is this his first ever wedding scene?! I wonder if he is bummed that it is not with Kristen?!?!

  6. FMP says:

    UNF! Is it just me or does he seem to get hotter with each passing day?

  7. rosewowie says:

    Oh lawd. YU UMMMM yawzah! That man is super fine.

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