HQ Photos: Robert Pattinson filming Bel Ami 4.2.10

HQ photos of Robert Pattinson filming Bel Ami 4.2.10.


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5 Responses to HQ Photos: Robert Pattinson filming Bel Ami 4.2.10

  1. Shae says:

    LOL is he doing a jig? he’s too cute I am totally in love with that ensemble *sigh*

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  3. Natalia says:

    Oh, I think that’s the scene where we missed him by coming from a wrong side of the street and the guards didn’t even tell us Rob was already there, filming… He is very cute but I prefer his “rich guy” look, a real top hat, he looks even sexier in it, so powerful.

  4. Gemini71 says:

    I am still not seeing any photos of Holliday Grainger on the set as Suzanne. There must be some pics of her filming this movie somewhere. Can anyone help me to locate them?

    • Natalia says:

      When I was in Budapest I heard that today they are shooting the marriage scene in the church so probably inside and outside and this scene involves Holliday Grainger so you might see some pics later today. I know the exact shooting place and it was mentioned in the police report that the street was closed for today, during the day so most probably they will be filming it. Good luck.

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