Photos: 16 very awesome pics of Robert Pattinson on the Bel Ami set 4.6.10

Hello, Mr. Fancy Pants!

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8 Responses to Photos: 16 very awesome pics of Robert Pattinson on the Bel Ami set 4.6.10

  1. Greta McAllister says:

    Hello pretty, seriously cannot wait for this movie!!

  2. passionsons flower says:

    Wow!!! Love the awesome shots!!! That first pic really took my breathe away!!! I’m a quivering mess right now!!!

  3. Gwen Cooper 426 says:

    If I could speak while viewing these pix, it’d still be gibberish! Rob is seriously stunning in these clothes!!!

    And the peacock strut, in the first one? Oh, yeah, very, very nice. ; )

  4. Dee says:

    In most of the pictures from this set Rob has been all smiles. Some of these faces are priceless.

  5. robskitty says:

    some dirty thoughts from one of the resident pattin-pervs–little history lesson learned in costuming many yrs ago–men’s pants did not have button-flys or zippers in the late 1800’s. most men’s trousers were fastened at top with a sort of open flap where the man could pull his equipment out. sort of like an easy-access fly ;o). no wonder there was so much hanky-panky :oD.

    • Alexandria says:

      Hi Robskitty, thanks for the info about the kind of pants he is wearing for this period movie. He looks stunning on them…sorry no “open flap” accident in this photos…what a shame!!

  6. chico's mama says:

    whats with the faces?

  7. Alexandria says:

    Hi handsome!!! You look gorgeous as always.

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