Beauuuutiful pictures in HQ

Gorgeous pictures.  Up close. Wonder why the scruff is growing out?  Down and out Georges?

Apparently these are from yesterday.  Not sure.  The suit is the same every day so who knows.



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Known around the internet as "MP". Not a very good fangirl but devoted nonetheless. Loved the underlying message in Water for Elephants that was anti-cruelty. Would love to hear Sara Gruen's thoughts one day over coffee.
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15 Responses to Beauuuutiful pictures in HQ

  1. Shae says:

    looks like they’re out and about somewhere but not filming? maybe lol

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  3. ktsm says:

    He looks very annoyed and tired….

  4. Biel says:

    oh, la splendeur de l’Georgeness!
    gorgeous indeed!

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  6. G.K. says:

    they’re arriving on are from yesterday

  7. passionsons flower says:

    Scruffy or not it all works for me!!! I’m loving how his sideburns touch his God like jaw line. Simple stunning shots!!! Just slay me here and now!!! Rob Roy Rules!!!

  8. orsoleya says:

    Well, they are from yesterday, arriving to a downtown church for interior shooting. Looking at Rob’s face he wasn’t happy to see that the fans found out the supposedly secret location….

  9. victoria says:

    bless him, he is usually very good with us all, but sometimes it must get tiring never having a moments peace

  10. Lorra says:

    The pics we made 6 of April:) I’m a Hungarian fan and I saw him twice:D He was about 1 meter far from me<3 and he is so cuteee:)
    I'm so sad because he'll go home Sunday:S:S He wil miss me/us:(

  11. Lynda from Philly says:

    Yeah, give the guy a break, he’s allowed to look a little annoyed if he chooses,right?Hell,it doesn’t bother us we’ll look at him no matter what face he has!! Maybe he’s just practicing his #DuRob smirk for the wedding scene?????He still looks gorgeous!!!

    • victoria says:

      he would still look gorgeous in a sack! He looks resigned rather than annoyed, it must be a bit annoying to always be photographed even if you are having an off day – he still looks like a God!

  12. Sue says:

    Love the scruff, love the hair, love the smirk, love the clothes, love the man! Oh and this Bel Ami movie is gonna be the death of me!!

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