First Look: Colm Meaney as Luc Rousset

First Look: Colm Meaney as Luc Rousset. Thanks RPLife for the heads up!

Rousset in da hizouse!



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5 Responses to First Look: Colm Meaney as Luc Rousset

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  2. Mel says:

    I am having issues imagining him as anyone but the “beam me up” Irish guy on Star Trek the Next Generation….I need help.

    • I know what you Mean(ey). LOL!! And I don’t know about anyone else, but almost every other male that I’ve seen on set has a mustache. It makes it even more confusing why Rob doesn’t have one. He certainly could have grown one himself and probably within a couple of hours.


  3. jan says:

    Oh…I think he looks exactly as how I pictured Rousset (they changed from the original Walter, right?)!

  4. Dorym says:

    Rob looks approprately disheveled and nasty. I think that he looked so ridiculous with that stash in Little Ashes, it’s probably better that he doesn’t have one.

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