Photos: Robert Pattinson enjoys a night on the town in Budapest

Robert Pattinson enjoys a night on the town in Budapest. Ever the gentleman, he stopped to pose with 3 fans on the street.

Unicorns come out at night!

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16 Responses to Photos: Robert Pattinson enjoys a night on the town in Budapest

  1. aeren says:

    just i want to be in Budapest!!

  2. FMP says:

    I prefer this over a top hat and tux any day or night.

  3. diazis123 says:

    #happy B-day KStewart =) # aww he is always posing with his fans n matter where he goes HE ROCKS

  4. Nehnah says:

    Aww…bless he looks tired…Poor baby is working so hard, It’s about time he had some fun!

  5. bel ami says:

    you may would like to credit the original source at pattisonlife livejournal and add the info that the pics are from last weekend,not new.

  6. Ugh…..I’m so jealous!

  7. passionsons flower says:

    I agree flannel Rob rules!!!

  8. Camel says:

    Fake photos!!!

  9. Kelly says:

    Poor baby! He is working so so hard!! What he needs is some good old bed rest, i have a bed available for you Rob anytime! Lol!

  10. Dorym says:

    He looks so drunk!

  11. Love Beanie Rob! And what do you think, girls? Is that the plaid from Comic Con? The holy t-shirt is definitely the same one he wore for the Remember Me Facebook spots (as well as several other occasions – I actually did a post about it – LOL!).


  12. Laís Tavares says:

    Oh I love his lips, so cute. He is adorable, so affectionate with his fans. I love beanie Rob in Budapest. He deserves to have fun.

  13. k says:

    Fake photos!!!!

  14. diadema says:

    the photo looks strange!!!!!His face, smile as well eyes are exactly the same of the 3 pictures!!!!
    uhuhuhuh not nice i can’t belive he has the same expression!!!!

  15. Lynda from Philly says:

    FlannelBeanieButtonFlyBudapestRob looks as yummy as ever!I love how he always takes pics w/fans now and he actually smiles. He looks a little glazed over and drunk here, but that’s our Rob!! Love him!!

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