Photos: Robert, Uma, Christina, Holly and Colm on the Bel Ami set today

Photos galore! Robert, Uma, Christina, Holly and Colm on the Bel Ami set 4.9.10!

Georges did WHAT?!

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11 Responses to Photos: Robert, Uma, Christina, Holly and Colm on the Bel Ami set today

  1. Gwen Cooper 426 says:

    Great pix! Loved Colm Meaney from his Trek days & CR looks fab in that dress! Of course, Rob is rocking it, as always!!! Cannot wait for this movie!

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  3. Colleen says:

    Uma is never filmed in costume. Christina looks awesome.

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  5. Frank says:

    Wow, great pix. I am so happy there are finally pix of Christina! She looks so beautiful.

  6. Laís Tavares says:

    Christina is really cute, very graceful. Rob is so sexy!!

  7. How strange it must be for Rob to have all of the women his character is shagging in this movie all in one location. LOL!

    • Sus says:

      Really, Lisa…ITA! I wonder how comfortable HHH is with all these women!

      • I know, right? And is it wrong that I imagine the female leads being a little jealous of each? It would almost have to be a sort of competition between them, too – each one wanting their scene with Rob to be the hottest, etc. Okay. Now I’m jealous. LMAO!


  8. rashid says:

    please, can u say me adress of hotel where he stays? or where can I see him in Budapest?

  9. Natalia says:

    Rob is hot as always and all ladies look great but I prefer Christina. I wonder who Rob prefers LOL.

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