‘Bel Ami’ Officially Listed as Post-Production

As of  April 29, 2010, the IMDB.com Bel Ami film page is officially listing the movie as in Post-Production!

YEA! It's getting closer!

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10 Responses to ‘Bel Ami’ Officially Listed as Post-Production

  1. aeren76 says:


  2. nani says:


  3. kchann says:

    Speaking of the dead or previously dead, I have a friend whose heart stopped for 3 minutes. She really wants to learn to meditate. Did I hear correctly that Bella is pregnant in the next Twilight : I am not certain that that is such a healthy thing in a teen movie? It must be past post- production by now.

  4. kchann says:

    I think that I will pass on seeing Rob Naked in “Bel Ami” and “Little Ashes,” but I think that I might see “Water For Elephants.” With regard to things that have occurred in the past, everyone has their own perspective and sometimes truth can be a complex thing. Seldom is one person entirely right and another person entirely wrong.

  5. kchann says:

    Returning to the idea of the past, sometimes all we are left with is the residue of little toasts that someone left on the counter or in some cases dead little toasts. I am still waiting for “Water For Elephants.”

  6. kchann says:

    I am thinking of a novel that I have read. It is about a Spanish actress named Faustina who dies of the bubonic plague. She dated this fellow named Walter before she became ill. I cannot think of the title : ? “Ten Little Ashes” or “The Freindly Lion.” That sounds like one of those novels by Madeleine L’? No. This is another novel.Yes = I am certain.

  7. kchann says:

    I misspelled freindly. Must have been freudian.

  8. kchann says:

    With regard to “freindly lions, ” there is one that I keep reading about who has a two year limit on his domestic arrangements. Then he has to switch mates and/or zoos, except for a yearly vacation that he takes with a female named Magdalena. He has been behaving like this for many years. I have heard of at least four of his former room mates who all had to be replaced eventually. Apparently freindship gets boring after awhile.

  9. kchann says:

    I was bored in the one “Twilight” film that I saw. It really is aimed at juveniles. I think that I will read “Water for Elephants.” “Bel Ami” anf “Little Ashes” sound like soft porn. Oh, well.

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