CleverTV Dishes about the Bel Ami still and Cougar Love!

CleverTv talks Uma, Robert and Cougars! Did they really have to mention Twilight?

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13 Responses to CleverTV Dishes about the Bel Ami still and Cougar Love!

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  4. gyla says:

    I am in the Cougar for sure.I Love Rob and can’t wait to see Bel Ami,or anything else he is in.I don’t care much about the Twilight stuff,but he really nails Edward. Rob is the sexiest man alive.

  5. MelbieToast says:

    I agree with gyla, Rob is the sexiest man alive bar none. This photo of him seducing beautiful cougar Uma has flat-lined millions of his cougar fans, including me.

  6. kayu says:

    Always have to mention twilight if they are talking about Rob.. is his bless and his conviction for now.
    So hot George seducing…

  7. Barbara Fenwick says:

    I liked the picture. Any woman, no matter what her age, would be seduced by Robert Pattinson. I doubt any woman would stand a chance.

  8. KittTatt says:

    This photo earns a ‘RAWR’ from this ROBcat!

  9. puma says:

    I just love Robert Thomas Pattinson so i guess that makes me a puma aka cougar. Can’t get enought of his picures the sound of his voice,music anything he does.

  10. Stephaniemarie says:

    I am 45 years old and Oh my goodness, this man is the hottest thing on the planet!!!Oh to be Ulma Thurman with his face so close to my neck… we wouldnt be standing very long! I just finished the book( not long) and I cannot wait to see Rob as a MAN with all these older women…I love him in TWILIGHT movies and love the stories…But this story is so HOT! Now if only there were a nude shot of him…oh my my.

  11. Evan Nelson says:

    Uma Thurman was like a thousand times drop dead gorgeous when she was still younger.;’*

  12. Kill Bill is the best known work of Uma Thurman, i really like this tall girl::’

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