VIDEO: New Old Video of ‘Bel Ami’ filming with Robert Pattinson

New? Old? Not sure, either way it’s always nice to watch the making of ‘Bel Ami’.

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7 Responses to VIDEO: New Old Video of ‘Bel Ami’ filming with Robert Pattinson

  1. It’s just nice getting some updates and a reminder of what’s to come, Jag. Thanks 🙂

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  3. Anna28 says:

    It’s a new vid! I was there, when he shot in Dohány utca. And until now, i never saw this video. In turn I was on every place where he shot in Budapest. 🙂

  4. V.Robertingia (real dinasty) says:

    I’m reading Bel Ami Book next summer but I readed a little of these book and I think that is fantastic!

  5. clyde drew says:

    read Bel Ami and hearing The Robert Pattinson is slated for it, i just squealed. Kudos to a performer, an actor who has not shown the world what more he can do but is already taking the world by storm. Not just for his good looks; he is more than a pretty face, people. Pretty is even too understated.

  6. kathy says:

    ROB IS SO HOT!!!:)

  7. Linda says:

    I loved this book and when I heard who was in the cast, I felt the choices were

    If people don’t like Mr Pattinson in varied roles then they are just “swooning” over
    “Edward Cullen.” They need to get past that and realize Mr Pattinson is a young talented actor and will and should take on many varied roles…

    Consider the talented women he is co-starring with…had they only stuck to one genre of movie or one character we would of missed so much entertainment…

    In closing, stop looking at Mr Pattinson as “Edward” but realize he is a actor who will take on many roles in his life time…Embrace that and see what he has to offer the world.

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