Bel Ami-Era Lace Damask Wallpaper is All The Rage… Again

Thanks to Robpattznews for spotting this story out of Scotland. The Independent reports that a small Scottish lace mill, Morton Young & Borland, is making it big in Hollywood by supplying various movie sets with 1920s-era lace wallpapers. These stylized wallpapers adorn the walls of Bel Ami’s mansions as seen in this picture:

Side note: If you look at the background of our website, we have a grunge damask wallpaper that we envisioned would look like the walls of Georges’ dingy room in the opening scene of Bel Ami.


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4 Responses to Bel Ami-Era Lace Damask Wallpaper is All The Rage… Again

  1. Frenchkatie says:

    Beautiful! I’d love it on my walls!! (bedroom that is)

    Can’t wait to hear about US release of Bel Ami!! It’ll be epic!

  2. Gemini71 says:

    The style of wallpaper is of no interest to me. What has caught my attention about this particular official production image is that it does not feature Holliday Grainger in the role of Suzanne, who is supposed to be one of the main female characters. I am still waiting for a movie still from the film that recognises this. Are we going to see an official photo with Miss Grainger in it within the next fortnight?

  3. kathy says:

    i just cant wait to see this movie!!!!!!!! ROBERT PATTINSON

  4. Gemini71 says:

    Still waiting for an official movie still of Holly Grainger as Suzanne Rousset to become available. Is that going to happen in the next few weeks?

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