The Official ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer Has Officially Arrived!! You’ll Officially Die!

No words required!

Thanks Robsessed!

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24 Responses to The Official ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer Has Officially Arrived!! You’ll Officially Die!

  1. to let every pantie wet…

    Loved the trailer… looks like a great history!

  2. Red_Head_Lust says:

    Fuck me. I want it and I want it NOW!

  3. Bettybmusing says:

    Inhales ….exhales….inhales…exhales…. Thud.

  4. kate says:

    any release girls? is it still moved to 2012 for uk?

    • balerene says:

      can’t say anything. i just saw a release date on imdb just two days ago and now NOTHING! they removed it! and itwas 19th oct 2011

    • JoanB102001 says:

      “any release girls?”

      Why, yes…*coughs*…yes, I believe I did, thank you.

  5. themoonisdown says:


  6. twinkle101 says:

    Agree with messages of the above or below… THUD… 2012 isn’t soon enough!!!

  7. rakchel says:

    increible, rob espectaular quiero verla en México!!!

  8. Chris says:

    I’m glad I got to see it earlier. It’s gone now. =(

  9. Terrific!!! I just can`t wait to see Georges Duroy in Brazil soon!!

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  12. Good thing no words are required because I am speechless right now. God, Rob is gonna kill this role and all of us at the same time. When he said “I am going to ruin you” I squeeled out loud!

  13. lorraine says:

    That is one amazing trailer. Rob Pattinson is just too hot to handle! His acting is just so good as seen in the trailer. Hoping to see this film real soon!!

  14. Daniel says:

    i don’t think this is an official trailer, if you listen carefully, it has the same music that the fan made trailer had on some time back. The film looks great though.

  15. Sarah says:

    this seems like a fake trailer with leaked footage. super illegal!

  16. Dani says:

    The trailer is no longer working here but you can find it working here:

  17. Gemini71 says:

    The trailer was devoid of any sign of Holly Grainger on screen. She is supposed to be one of the female leads.

    • Di says:

      I really suggest you read the book, as the character of Suzanne only really appears towards the end and is not really part of the main narrative. Yes, Georges marries her but its not some love story thats built throughout the novel or anything, Like I said read the book otherwise you may be setting yourself up for dissapointment.

    • Mike says:

      Holly is at about the1:34mark next to Colm Meaney

  18. jacy says:

    I WANT IT BACK!! WTF??? What is holding this movie up??@$#!!

  19. Ana says:

    What can I say before I die?? Rob IS Georges Duroy! Rob is amazing!!! I can´t wait!!!! Now I can die.

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